Regalia for Knights of the Province


                                        A Message from the Provincial Warden of Regalia

The Provincial Warden of Regalia is readily available to support all Brother Knights in our Province with the provision of both new and recycled regalia. Contact details are shown below and also recorded in the year book and the letter sent annually by the Provincial Vice-Chancellor to those receiving preferment.

Where possible the exchange of mantle badges, either from stock or advising contact details for potential direct exchanges, are offered. Stock inventory changes regularly and current listings are always available by request. Malta Mantle badge application forms are forwarded to Brother Knights, as applicable, on an annual basis following notification of preferment. Completion in a timely manner enables a bulk purchase that further reduces costs and overheads.

Please consider donating regalia, which is no longer valid, to our stock in order to assist your fellow Brother Knights. If you wish proceeds to be given to charity, either to one of your choice or to the St. John's Eye Hospital, the Warden of Regalia will be pleased to discuss your preferences with you.

Remember, Brother Knights, the Provincial Warden of Regalia (E.Kt. Peter Sanders P.P.Reg.) is there to help you!

Contact details: Tel: 02392-253935  Email by clicking on name: Peter Sanders 



No Rank Prior   Herald 2nd Lieutenant
No Rank Sub-Prior   St. Bearer (B) Admiral
Seneschal No Rank   St. Bearer (VB) Conservator
Prelate Prelate   Masters B/Bearer Banner Bearer
Chancellor No Rank   Sword Bearer Sword Bearer
1st Constable Captain General   Deputy Almoner Hospitaller
2nd Constable Lieutenant General   Dep. Sword Bearer Sword Bearer
Treasurer Treasurer   Aide-De-Camp Baillie
Registrar 1st Lieutenant   Warden of Regalia Turcopolier
Vice-Chancellor No Rank   Chamberlain Turcopolier
Marshal Mareschal   Captain of Guards Capt. of Outposts
Deputy Marshal Deputy Mareschal   Organist Organist
Great Almoner Hospitaller   Guard Guard